Walking My Path

One Step At A Time

31 July 1984
Ludowici, Georgia, United States
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Vilseck American Elementary School - Vilseck Bayern DE (1992 - 1995)
McCormick Elementary School - Farmington NM (1995 - 1996)
Tibbetts Junior High School - Farmington NM (1996 - 1998)
Würzburg American High School - Würzburg Bayern DE (1998 - 2001)
Fort Knox High School - Fort Knox KY (2001 - 2002)
Berea College - Berea KY (2002 - 2006)
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attachment parenting, babywearing, bisexuality, books, cloth diapers, cooking, decluttering, djembe, drumming, feminism, guitar, history, ireland, listening to fiddle, mucks, music, old stuff, organic food, organic shampoo, organic soap, paganism, parenting, permaculture, rpgs, sca, simple living, spinning, sustainability, urban farming, weaving
My journal is my way of musing. Sometimes it only serves as a way to pass the time or a way to keep track of the time. It's mostly full of day-to-day occurrences that don't really mean much. This is my continuing journey. Sometimes it's horribly melodramatic. Sometimes it's frank and brutally honest. I'd like to think it's full of deep thoughts and considerations but really, it isn't. It's full of small victories, things that make me smile, small losses and things that make me weep. Occasionally, there is something more but you may wait a long time to see it!

I grew up an army brat. I've lived in lots of places but never really found my place in the world. I am currently trying to make wherever I am into where I'm supposed to be, both within myself and without. I have lived in: LA, TX, NM, KY, GA and Germany. I used to visit Boston semi-regularly to see friends and the like. I graduated from a Berea College in KY with a BA in History and minors in Women's Studies and Computer Science.

I'm a momma. I'm working towards finding my way to spiritual parenting. I'm starting to come into my own I think. I'm working towards using, feeding, clothing and housing my body in more healthy and respectful ways.

Feel free to friend me. I'll come and take a gander at your corner of LJ and may add you back. Occasionally I go through and purge my friend's list. If I delete you and you want back on, send me a message and we'll talk about it.

I'm not all I hope to be, but I suppose that's the purpose of hope. It gives you things to work toward.


"Not to change is to stagnate and die; but to willingly offer up the life we know is to find a greater life." True Magick by Amber K
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